Sunday, 12 May 2013

A little peek at the class tomorrow,,

sorry its late but here are two photos of the class tomorrow.

photo (2)photo

I have made 3 layouts .

Layout 1 ……

I have used one photo in black and white which is 6” x 4” vertical

Layout 2

I have used 3 photos cut to 3” x 3” (these are head shots cut from 6” x 4” photos.

Layout 3

The third and final layout has three photos 6” x 4” again these are vertical.

Of course you can always add your photos later.

Looking forward to seeing everyone

Karen xx

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  1. Hi, this looks great. I came over to see if you had any challenges link up our latest pages. It looks like you are doing classes, on-line classes? Super, I'll keep checking in. Lisa